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Meetings from March 2020 have been rescheduled because off the Covid 19 outbreak.  However we will be holding some meetings using Zoom conferencing software.


January 2022 (More)

Update on the TESS Exoplanet Mission and Amateur Contributions ~ Dr. Dennis Conti (AAVSO)


February 2022 (More)

How do we know exactly where we are on the surface of the Earth-impact on Earth Science and society ~ Dr. Graham Appleby


March 2022

Mapping the Radio Universe with the Square Kilometre Array ~ Dr. Steve Cunnington (University of Edinburgh)


April 2022

An update on exoplanets and the search for extra-terrestrial life ~ Ronald Anderson


May 2022

Comets, Meteors and Meteroites ~ Barry Soden


June 2022

Search for Exo-Planets around short period binary systems ~ Xinyu Mai (Univeristy of Kansas)

July 2022

Project Ariel and Exoclock; the search for Exoplanets ~ Anastasia Kokori (University College London)

August 2022

Summer recess

September 2022



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