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The Latest from the OSIRIS-REx Mission: An Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroid Bennu ~ Carl Hergenrother (University of Arizona)

Asteroids are the direct remnants of the original building blocks of the solar system. Carbonaceous asteroids may represent the objects that delivered water and organics to the early Earth. OSIRIS-REx, a NASA New Frontiers class mission, is in the middle of a multi-year campaign to explore the carbonaceous near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu. The campaign will conclude with the collection of surface material and its return to Earth for analysis. OSIRIS-REx Astronomy Lead Carl Hergenrother will present the status of the OSIRIS-REx mission as well as a few of the surprises uncovered since the spacecraft arrived at Bennu last year.


Month in Astronomy  ~ Roger Wood & David Pulley

A look at some of the images taken by members in July and August including those of the partial Lunar eclipse in July. 

EELT progress - mirrors M2 & M3 ~ Roger Wood will give an update on the new mirrors for the up and coming EELT.

David will fill in with the latest astronomy news

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