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Comets - How to observe and image them ~ Roger Dymock

First we will look at what a comet is, its structure, how they are named and numbered and the different types of comet families.  Then we will look at observing comets: observing known comets and follow up observations, finding periodic comets and observing Sungrazers before looking at how comets are discoveredand the use of spectroscopy in understanding their make-up.  Finally we will look at imagingthrough drawing and DSLR and CCD photography.

Roger lives in Hampshire where he has his own observatory housing a 10" Newtonianreflecting telescopewhich he controls from his study.  Roger describes himself as a "fair weather" observer prefering to use robotic telescopes of Sierra Stars and iTelescopes.  He is currently experimenting with astro DSLR photography.  Having focused on asteroid and remote planet observations, Roger now spends most of his time observing comets.  He is an active member of the BAA Comet section.

Pin hole photography update ~ Bob Okines

Bob will dwmonstrate how we can process our pin hole images of the Sun.  Member can do their own processing or leave it for Bob to do.

What's new and what's in the news ~ David Pulley

(i) Why is the Universe expanding at 9% faster than thought?

(ii) Yes, there have been aliens


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